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 Red Lightbars & Minibars

  Whelen- Federal Signal- Code 3 

 LED & Strobe   

Red Lightbars & Mini Bars for Firefighters ,  EMT's  / EMS,  Police

Red / Clear Interior LED Lightbar

Red /   Clear LED Interior Lightbar . This has  two  TIR-6 LED  heads on each side . This has multi patterns on lighter plug and plenty of cord. It has  metal flash back shield. NOT cheap plastic that melts in sun.  Has suction cup mounts  and also includes 3M double sided clear tape if you don't intend on moving it. Perfect for both front and back windows. This is very bright. Great for   Firefighters &  EMS.  each side measures  aprox 14 inches so it should fit around your center camera box in windshield. Most  larger ones do not fit. This is perfect for smaller windows. Brand new   only $ 389.95

Whelen LFL 54 inch  LED RED Lightbar With OPTICOM !!!!    Bar  # 925  Fully Loaded

Whelen LFL  54 inch RED LED Lightbar # 925. This is loaded. It has 14 RED LED Heads. It also has a built in OPTICOM strobe unit that changes the traffic lights to green.  It has alley lights that also flash in response mode.  It has the arrow board on rear   " left, right & center out" Comes with metal mounting feet and a very long cord.  This is selling new  for $ 1,995.00 and  up  without the Opticom that's another $800.00.  I was going to sell it for half price $ 999.95 before i saw the Opticom. I will let the whole thing go for $999.95  including the $800.00 Opticom. Lenses are polished  and look 9 out of 10  over the bulbs !   YOU GET EVERYTHING $999.95

RED LED Mini Bar # 824

Red LED minibar # 824  has 4 heads  of 4 bulbs  between the front and back as well as around the sides for complete coverage.  Simple hard wire  hook up and as pattern change wire.  Nice long cord.   In great condition. $199.95

RED Revolving Full Size Lightbar   (NOS)

RED Revolving halogen full size lightbar. This is  NOS.  Measures  aprox 48 long. Has 4 rotating halogen reflectors, 2 steady burn "Take downs"  2 rear halogen wig wag flashers. 2  clear alley lights.  There is  room behind center grill for a speaker if you add one. Included is a full size lighted switchbox. Mounting feet, Clamps and hardware included. It has a nice long cable.  Simple 2 wire hook up !!   only $799.95.  This is  NOS   I bought every one they had left.   ONLY 8 AVAILABLE.

 6 head    RED TIR 3 ultra bright super slim minibar

Ultra bright mini LED light lightbar has 6 TIR 3 lightheads with3.5 gen bulbs. Comes with magnet mounts & multi pattern changer.   This is MUNICIPAL  GRADE. Plug and play .   VERY BRIGHT   Only $ 299.95    in  RED.   .This is unbelievable.      CLOSEOUT  Only a few available in red.   stk # 839-844

RED / Clear Mini Lightbar  # 896

Red / Clear LED mini lightbar. This is the latest with both Red and clear on all sides. Even the sides have both colors !  This comes with multiple patterns on the lighter plug. Has a nice long cord and heavy duty magnet mounts.  Great for the  Vol Firefighter / EMT   stk # 896     Brand New  $299.95  ea. 

Code 3 Red LED Mini Lightbar

Code 3 Red LED Quadrant Mini Bar. This has 4 LED Lightheads. Multi Pattern change on plug. Has both Magnet mounts and a set of permeant mounts included with hardware. It is BRAND NEW . A Must for the volunteer EMT or Firefighter. only $ 249.95 

Code 3 Force 4 LP Red Twin Halogen  Revolver  Mini Bar

Code 3 Force 4 LP Beacon  Red  twin halogen head mini bar # 813. Made in 2009 this is brand new stock. Never left the dealer. Rapid speed rotators with bright halogen bulbs. Has permeant mount. Great for a back rack for your or in your man cave.   A must for the Firefighter or EMT.  This and the blue  one  go on the ass end of a Firetruck.  Nice long cord. $ 179.95

Whelen Red Responder LP LED Mini Lightbar

 Whelen Red Responder LP Mini LED Lightbar. This is Brand new in original Whelen Box. It has 6 LED lightheads. It is Magnet mount. It has a nice long cord with on / off switch on lighter plug and pattern change switch on same plug. The lens is RED as in picture. No longer made in colored lenses. Brand New $ 299.95, stock #s 784-792

Federal Legend RED LED  Firefighter's Light Bar

Federal Legend RED Firefighters LED 45 inch lightbar # 765. This has all Red LED heads except 1 amber LED in rear. It has flashing wig wag halogen take downs & alleys. All on 1 simple wire to activate.  Nice long Positive and ground wires. The all important LED interface is included because without it, you just bought a paperweight. It has the mounting feet also. This is very bright and Federal Signal is a quality brand used by police and Fire everywhere. Perfect for the volunteer Firefighter or EMT. see pic below .All ready for use $799.95

Federal Legend RED LED  bar 765  ON   see above

Federal Legend RED Firefighters LED   Front  ON   see above

Red Interior LED Visor Light

RED led interior visor light by Star Signal. Bar # 759. USA made with 35 flash patterns on simple push button switch. The LED’s are angled in each head to clear the intersections ( hard to see in pic). These are super bright. This is split so easily mounts around mirror. Simple 2 wire hook up. Comes with flash back shield and mounts. A must for Firefighters or EMS. Low current draw. The lowest I found it new on line was $499.95 new. I have it in excellent condition for $299.95

Star Signal Red / Clear LED Lightbar # 755

Star Signal Red LED bar # 755 is a RED / CLEAR Modified / Loaded light bar. It has all RED lenses front and rear with 2 clear flashing LED’s in center of Front & Rear (4 total). It has 2 steady burn LED alley lights. Mounting feet are included. Very simple wiring hook up.  aprox. 46 inches long. Lenses are as close to new as you will ever get. Looks beautiful. Was $ 2,600.00 when new . asking $ 699.95 LOCAL PICK UP ONLY

Star Signal Red/ Clear bar # 755  turned off

Bar # 755  OFF

Star Signal Red LED Light Bar # 754

Star Signal Red LED bar # 754 is an all RED Modified / Loaded light bar. It has 2 clear front LED take downs that also have flash mode. Rear is all RED LED’s. it has 2 steady burn LED alley lights. Mounting feet are included. Very simple wiring hook up. Aprox 46 inches long. Lenses are as close to new as you will ever get. Looks beautiful. Was $ 2,800.00 when new . asking $ 799.95 LOCAL PICK UP ONLY

Star Signal RED LED bar # 754

Star Signal Red bar # 754  OFF

Whelen Red Freedom Mini  Bar

Whelen RED mini LED Emergency Light Bar # 695. This bar is 28.5 inches long by 10 inches wide. It has 10 WHELEN double stack 6 over 6 LED heads. All heads are RED except 2 in middle rear are Amber over Red. You can flip them to red over amber. Currently in X pattern. Amber pierces thru the fog for extra protection. The sides have FULL 6 over 6 heads in red, not a bulb that angles for limited flash. This lightbar is all clear till activated and lenses are in incredible condition. 4 powerful magnets hold it in place. Simple 2 wire hook up and a pattern change wire. Nice long cable. A must for the Fire Fighter or EMT who wants the best. WHELEN ! This is many times brighter than strobes. Only $1,499.95 in MINT condition.  ​ CODE RED PRICE  SAVE $ 100.00 WHILE THIS  CODE RED PRICE IS DISPLAYED  $ 1,399.95


This has 16 heads of CREE LIN-2 bulbs. This has lighter plug with on/off and pattern switch. Has scan lock to keep the last pattern. This includes the suction cups for dash mounting and the brackets for visor. It is all METAL construction on both the frame and the mounts. NO CHEAP PLASTIC KNOCKOFFS.  CLOSEOUT WHILE THEY LAST . NORMALLY $ 999.95 NOW 1/2 PRICE ONLY $499.95. I CAN NOT GET MORE

Red Clear CANDYCANE LED Interior Full Size Visor Light

 This has 16 heads of Red and Clear CREE LIN-2 bulbs. This is the CANDY CANE RED/ Clear. Unbelievably bright. This has lighter plug with on/off and pattern switch. Has scan lock to keep the last pattern. This includes the suction cups for dash mounting and the brackets for visor. It is all METAL construction on both the frame and the mounts. Has duel mounting options included. NO CHEAP PLASTIC KNOCKOFFS. Frame won’t melt in the sun like the cheap knock offs. This is a brand new item and is to sell elsewhere for $995.00. You wont pay that here. I have it for a limited time for $599.95 as an intro price. It is brand new in box.

Whelen bar # 631 red Responder  DX

Whelen Red Responder DX mini bar # 631 has 2 halogen rotators and mirrors for extra flashed. Has lighter plug and magnet mounts $99.95

Whelen Red mini Edge bar # 613 has 4 quad flash strobe bulbs

This has 4 high power magnets for easy on and off vehicle. It also comes with standard feet . You can also perm. Mount this. Perfect for the volunteer Firefighter or EMT. Has a lighter plug. Lenses are nicely polished ! Bargain priced for a quick sale $229.95

Whelen red LFL strobe & LED combo lightbar

Bar # 581 has 8 strobes ( 4 front & 4 rear). It also has 2 red led’s in the front and 2 clear halogen take down lights. It is 55 inches long. Comes with standard mounting feet. Only $699.95. note just the LFL power supplies from Whelen cost $500.00 EACH alone and there are 2 in here.

Federal twinsonic vista # 284

Custom one of a kind. The story goes like this: one evening a federal twinsonic in his 40”s hooked up with a vista in her twenties.It’s ok, it was consentual. Anyway, 9 months later came the results…. A red twinsonic lightbar with a vista heavy duty power supply and 4 front facing strobes !! this one of a kind light is great for the serious collector for a rec room or man cave. This is perfect for a band, club, or d.j. only one in existance $ 449.95

Red and clear code 3 - 16 strobe excalabar

 Has 8 upper red strobes and 2 clear upper center strobes. The lower section has 2 front clear strobes and 2 clear corner strobes on front and back for a total of 16 strobes. Powered by 3 professional series fan cooled power supplys this gives an incredible display. I can run all the strobes on a mini jumper pack. Low amp pro series power supplys. But wait !! I’m not finished. , this bar also has 2 front take down lights and 2 amber front and 2 amber rear alternating wig wags. This bar has 2 brand new red lenses and the clear is in mint shape. This is a fully customized lightbar (as if you cant tell ). There are almost $3000.00 in materials in this. If you would like your truck to be visable from space you can take this home for $ 1,299.95 Sorry: price is frim. The 3 power supplies alone cost what i am asking for the whole bar

Whelen edge 9000 16 strobe red lightbar #189

This is not a typo !!! This custom bar has an unbelievable combination linear and twist strobes. It also features 2, center piercers duel head clear strobes on both front and back. This is unheard of not just logistically but by price ! The bar contains 4 separate power supplys just to power it. (2)- whelen eb-6 and (2) whelen piercer power supplies. This contains the newest power packs that are high power and low amp draw and i can run the whole thing from a mini jumper pack. It also features a full strobe on the side where there would normally be an alley light for full side protection. There are 2 open spaces that you can add either work lights or halogen flashers to if you wish. This has 3 different flash patterns you can change from the inside of your vehicle. This includes the mounting feet and gutter clamps. This bar has over $3000.00 in parts alone. Lenses are nice and clean. Will sell for $ 1199.95 firm. You can not buy this from the factory this way. The only to get one is buy the parts for $3000.00 and then figure how to build something the factory does not even make.

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