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Legality & Permits

By purchasing these lights or any product, The buyer certifies that they have the proper permits and that they are allowed to purchase these and hereby hold the seller harmless for any misuse.

The buyer will take responsibility for any third party claims against the seller in the event of misuse of any color light or product.

By purchasing these products the buyer hereby certifies they have checked with their state’s law enforcement officials before purchase as to the legality of use and if a permit is required..

The laws that regulate the use of colored lights and siren vary from state to state. A permit for use may be required in your state for various colors and these laws vary state to state.

The buyer agrees that it is their responsibility to make sure the lights are legal in all states they are intending to use these products in.

It is the responsibility of the buyer and end user to have any and all necessary permits.

If you are thinking about buying these products to “play cop” do not make the purchase. Laws vary state to state with penalties ranging from imprisonment, seizure of your vehicle and very large fines. It is not worth it.

We sell these items with the understanding that they will be used for their intended purpose by those that have the right to use them and that you have the proper permits. YOU are solely responsible for misuse of if you are thinking about doing something stupid. 

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