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A Word of Caution: Important

Do you really think he got a deal ?????. 

A customer bought a Whelen LFL LED lightbar from E bay. Seller who claimed it was in working condition. Very hard for buyer to mess it up as big black goes to ground and big red is positive. So far so good. All the small wires go to positive to power up the bulbs. Buyer really can’t screw it up. Well, the buyer had it running and shortly thereafter his lightbar caught fire. I did not believe it either. Here are the pictures of the endcap now on my hall of shame. You tell me. Did he really get a deal? We all like to believe we can buy $2,000.00 leds for two – five hundred dollars but also believe they will be delivered by the Easter Bunny or Santa Claus. When you buy on line you take a chance. When you buy from me locally you get to see it operate fully. If the price sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

another pic of the" great deal" the guy got.


When you buy a lightbar online You have NO way of knowing where it came from , if it works, or was modified. If the light was modified & it does not come with exact wiring instructions Your bar can end up looking like this. EVERY lightbar I sell comes with wiring Instructions and will be demonstrated to you so you can be assured you will NOT be RIPPED OFF. Always buy a bar you can test FIRST BEFORE the sale.

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