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Code 3 Red / Clear Hide a Blast duel color LEDs

Code 3 Red / Clear Hide a Blast  LEDs  you get a pair  Each  bulb has 3  clear and 3 red in  each  duel color.   LAST SET LEFT   Excellent Condition  $119.95

Whelen Traffic Advisor Controller w/ Mounts

Whelen traffic advisor controller. This one has the revised patterns. I am including the console mounts that cost an additional $30.00 if you had to buy them. Only $179.95

Whelen Tall Red Strobe  " F"  Head

Whelen red strobe light head. Has  "F" Head on label. Uses one outlet on your    power supply  Amp connector included. Just plug it into   YOUR   power supply. $59.95

Whelen Red Strobe Light Model 8000

Whelen red double flash round strobe. Model 8000.This has 2 power settings. Very bright. Came off a fire truck. Only $69.95 and works great

Federal 8 Head AMBER Arrow Stick

Federal Signal AMBER 8 Head Arrow Stick. This has 8 halogen heads. I put 2 brand new bulbs in it. Included is a Code 3 controller which has more features than the Federal. This works with a simple 2 wire hook up. The light stick can be used outside. Can mount o a back rack or on the rear of a Federal Vector Lightbar. Only $169.95

Whelen  PCDS - 9 & Arrow Board Controller

Whelen PCDS-9 lightbar controller / Low current switchbox & arrow board controller.You get BOTH systems. Includes cable link between both. This is a low current switchbox relay system that plugs into your light bar. If you do not know what it is or how to use it DON’T BUY IT. If you have the correct Whelen lightbar, Then this is a great deal for you. It has both connectors on the back. Only $249.95 for BOTH pieces. They even have the console mounts included !!

Whelen Red LED Talons

Whelen Talon Red led light set for dash or deck. Multi pattern and synch together. $149.95 for PAIR as shown.

Whelen Switch Panel With Diagnostix Meter

Whelen switch panel with 2 on off and a momentary for hi/low. Has built in Diagnostix meter for the P.S. only $49.95 as is

Federal red bumper strobe set. 

Federal red bumper strobe set. You get the pair of high power grill or bumper strobes with mounts and connectors. Uses 2 outlets on your power supply. Only $69.95 for pair.

Federal RED Hide-A-Way LED Set

These mount in any 1 inch opening. Rear tail light housings, directional, head lights and many other places. They have the built in flasher with many patterns to choose from. Only $99.95 for pair in nice condition

original - 2023-10-20T132317.154.jpeg

Whelen Dash Miser AMBER Dash Strobe

This has the quad flash for maximum visibility. It has a self contained power supply and a lighter plug. A must for plows, road service vehicles, security. $99.95 as shown. Mount included. I can make this red or blue at no extra cost.

Whelen Dash King 2000

 This has both amber and clear lens. Locked into the alternating quad flash pattern for maximum flash rate. Built in power supply. No longer in production. Only $159.95 as shown.

Whelen LFL Liberty Mounting Set

 You get 2 feet, 2 Clamps, Locking assembly from clamps to feet and mounts from feet to the light bar. Includes adjustable bolts. All for $99.95

Whelen 500 Series RED LIN-6 Light Heads

These sell for $180.00 each when new. I have a pair that came off a fire car. The mounting bezels are included. Only $129.95 for the PAIR. Can also be used in a led lightbar. Hooks up to YOUR flasher. Super deal.

Whelen Red / Blue Dominator

This Whelen Dominator has 2 heads. Tir-3 Bulbs. This is in immaculate condition. Was mounted inside and never saw the outdoors. list is $233.00 dealer is $166.00. I will sell it for only $ 99.95. This includes the mounting brackets as shown that Whelen gets $30.00 for alone.

Whelen Red LED Red Dash / Deck Light

This has the LIN 6 500 series bulbs. This duel head is extremely bright. Uses the same lightheads found in the Whelen Liberty LFL lightbar that is used by Police and Fire everywhere. Comes with nice long cord and Z brackets for mounting. Simple 2 wire hook up. $199.95

Whelen LED Traffic Advisor Bar # 570

Comes with 2 end strobes and built in power supply.  It has 6 AMBER LED’s and a RED strobe on each end. (lens easily changed). The controller is included which lists for $400.00 alone and the lowest I found it on line was $273.00. the LED Traffic Advisor lists for $800.00 alone from Whelen. All the cables are included. You can run the strobes by themselves or with arrow board. Total list when new was over $1,200.00. I am selling the complete package for $699.95. Remember, you are getting 6 LED anber heads that alone cost over $100.00 each ! Package price $699.95 LED !!!!

Whelen 700 Series RED Ambulance Wide Angle Side Lights

 The bulbs are red behind red lens. These came off the front of a box ambulance facing forward at an angle. They have a flat back and can easily fit your flush mount lights. Replace a burned out or damaged light or simply upgrade to LED !. These list for over $400.00 for the pair when new. They are in nice clean condition and are only $175.00 for the PAIR including gaskets !

Red / Clear LED Dash Light

This American made dash light has the adjustable mounting bracket included along with the 2 suction cups. Has on/ off lighter plug and a nice long cord. You can easily change the pattern. This is very bright. In mint condition $99.95   I only now have 1available in Red / Clear

Clear Dome Light

Clear dome light with on/off switch and mounting bracket $ 14.94

Red / Clear LED Dash Light

This has 2 red and 2 clear head led banks of bulbs that can flash as 2 solid or 4 split for awesome patterns. has lighter plug and pattern change on plug. only $129.95

Whelen Traffic Advisor Controller

This has left, right, split and high/low power settings. Has female plug in back. The lowest I found one for new was $279 on line and average price is $ 350+. I have this in nice condition for only $149.95.  1 Indicator  bulb is  out

Federal Solaris Blue / Clear LED Light

Has 3 heads of each color. Great for deck or dash use. Was in a rear deck with previous owner. Multi pattern by connecting the other wires to change. Has mounting bracket. Only $99.95

 Whelen Pre-Emption for LFL or Liberty Lightbars

 Will also fit the Edge series. This is a twin pack that runs 2 500 series strobes that I am including with the retainer box to slide right into your LFL or Liberty. Will also run any 2 whelen Strobes. Turns Red traffic lights Green. For AUTHORIZED USE ONLY $ 599.95

Heavy Duty 1500 Watt Digital Power Inverter

 Converts 12v DC to 120 AC. Has 3 grounded 3 prong plug outlets. Also has led Digital readout . This has a USB port . Requires 8 gauge cable to battery to operate from a RUNNING vehicle. $99.95

Cats Eye Amber Directional Set

One light has 2 wire, the other 1 wire and you simply ground unit. $49.95 for pair

Cats Eye Amber Directional Set

This comes with the bulb and a pair of 2 wire leads. Just connect to power and ground $59.95 pair.

Code 3 LED Hide – A- Blast hideaway LED head

This is duel color red/clear. Multi pattern. Can fit almost anywhere. $69.95

Maglight Vehicle Charger

Maglight vehicle charger with center console mounting plate $24.95

Code 3 Red/Clear Hide –A-Blast hideaway LED’s

 Has multi pattern and can synch. These are bright as hell ! The red is awesome has red/clear in same bulb $119.95 for pair.

Sho- ME Blue Led Waterproof Light Strips

 These have 44 bulbs in each and come on 22 left-22 right at a time. Wires to your LED flasher. $99.95 for pair That’s 88 bulbs !!

Whelen Blue Vertex Hide-A-Way LED Lightheads

 Can mount inside head lights tail lights or to vehicle. $99.95 for pair

Motorola External Radio Mic

Can be used with any scanner, any brand 2 way radio, C.B, Ham radio & more. Has swivel bracket mount. Made by the best: Motorola. $49.95

VCP Vehicle

VCP Vehicle concept products center console. You are also getting the back unit that is sold separately and can be removed to fit. Included are 2 heavy duty mic clips. A little paint and it will look brand new. Only $ 74.95 This is for BOTH sections .

Mag Light Vehicle Charger

Mag light vehicle charger. Priced for a quick sale $ 19.95

Whelen Ambulance 50 Amp Flasher

This flashes the whole thing. All 16 halogen lights. Front, sides & rear. I have thrown in a ton of wiring that never is included that will save you from spending hundreds of dollars on wiring and connectors. I pulled this out of a working ambulance and have all the wiring for 8 lights that we had connected. Only $129.95 for everything. Remember, this runs 16 lights ! The flasher lists for close to $300.00 alone new from whelen .

Whelen Clear LED Cruise Lights

Whelen clear LED cruise lights for the Whelen Edge 9000, Whelen Patriot, Whelen Liberty or Freedom. You can actually add these to any make lightbar. Each light has 6 clear led bulbs. You get the set of all 4 for only $149.95

Jotto Desk Large Center Console

 Used and sold as shown. This is a great way to organize your switch boxes, sirens and radios. It has a 12 volt power port on side and a mic clip. Included is 1 face plate to start you off.   Came off a Crown Vic. $ 69.95.

Red Truck Lights

Red truck lights with brake, tail, turn. Used but in clean condition $14.95 for pair.

Hand Held Spot Light 

With magnet mount base. Great for security or road assist. $29.95

Medium Center Console

This is  to mount radios $39.95 as shown

3 M Opticom Traffic Light Changer

  Whelen Piercer 2. This changes red lights to green. Has priority and secondary flash modes. Clear strobe flashes at the rapid rate and trips the traffic lights so you can proceed. A must for emergency vehicles. Police, Fire, EMS, Ambulance. This is set into the mount for the Whelen Edge 9000 series lightbar. It has the mounts and bolts into the power supply side. The Opticom has it’s own power supply. Just plug it into your lightbar’s 12 volt lead or any 12 volt power wire. Can also mount to other lights or place inside windshield. This sells for $700.00 when new. It is in mint condition and I will let it go for $249.95.

Heavy Duty Switch Panel

7 heavy duty switch panel in immaculate condition $ 99.95

Whelen Blue Dash or Deck LED

This has 6 bright Whelen led bulbs. Simple 2 wire hook up. $129.95

Whelen BLUE Talon

This has suction cup mounts, flash back shield and an extended cord with on/off switch at plug. Very bright Whelen LED’s and multi pattern. $99.95

Tomar Traffic Preemption 

Tomar traffic preemption with clear strobe bulb RECT 37. This turns the traffic lights green. It has 2 modes, priority and standard. Tomar sells this for over $800.00 without the bulb. I have it in great condition for $349.95 bulb included.

Whelen Red / Red Slim Lighter LED Dash Light

It has 21 scan lock patterns. This is hard wired but you can easily add a plug. This lists for $279.00 - $349.00.    THIS HAS THE NEW STYLE HIGH POWER BULBS. I have it in great condition for $149.95

Red / Clear LED Visor Light

Has multiple patterns. 1 row of 4 red led’s are out but barely noticible. Was $150.00 when new. Now only $69.95

Whelen BLUE Avenger Single Head Linear LED’s

 These have multi pattern wire and can be synched. They are in like new condition and look like they just came out of the box. Only $199.95 for the pair.

Whelen BLUE / BLUE Talon

 Has Duel LED heads. Includes flash back shield. Multiple pattern selector. This is hard wired. $ 189.95 in Excellent condition.

Whelen Blue Halogen Lightheads

These sell for $65.00 EACH when new.

 I have the PAIR for only $39.95.

Whelen BLUE Talon

 Has multiple patterns. Hard wired. Was $169.95 new. Barely used $99.95

Whelen Tail Light Back Flasher

Used $ 29.95 priced for a quick sale.

Whelen Dashmiser Red Strobe

Has quad flash. This is well used but works great. Velcro mount. Has lighter plug. Sold in condition as shown. Great for someone on a budget. $59.95

Whelen Talon

This is a duel head LED Whelen Talon. Blue / Blue Multi pattern. Comes with shield & mount. $189.95 in mint condition. Hard wire hook up or just add a plug. slightly different mount as pictured.

Whelen Talon

This is a duel head LED Whelen Talon. Blue / Blue Multi pattern. Comes with mount. $179.95 in mint condition. Hard wire hook up or just add a plug.

Whelen Talon

This is a duel head LED Whelen Talon. Blue / Blue Multi pattern. Comes with shield & mount. $189.95 in mint condition. Hard wire hook up or just add a plug. slightly different mount as pictured.

Whelen Talon

This is a duel head LED Whelen Talon. Blue/Blue Multi pattern. Comes with shield & mount. $189.95 in mint condition. Hard wire hook up or just add a plug.

Whelen Blue LED Warning Lights

I have 2 Whelen ligtheads with bumper, deck or rack mount. These are very bright with Blue Whelen linear bulbs. Just hook up to your flasher. Lens is clear till activated for undercover police, Constable, Fire or security. only $ 125.00 for the pair

Whelen BLUE LED Dash Light

This has a TIR -6 LED lighthead. This is a multiple pattern unit and is very bright. Whelen standard mount included. Works great in dash or rear deck. A must for U.C. Police or AUX. $ 149.95 This is shippable

Amber Twin Beam Revolving Light

Each sealed beam has 35,000 c.p. output. All ploycarbonate construction makes this lighter and can mount on golf carts, ATV's, or thin fiberglass roofs. $74.95

Whelen Blue Talon LED Dash Light

Has multi pattern. Would cost $300.00 new. I have one used in great shape for $ 189.95. Has new extra long lighter plug with cord as this was hard wired. This can ship for $ 14.95 Priority Mail. Sold with a much longer cord than pictured

Whelen Blue Linear Strobe Set

This pair of whelen strobes plugs right into your power supply. Great for the dash or rear deck. Only $ 99.95 for pair. These can be shipped!

Whelen Blue Halogen Deck or Bumper Light Set

 Perfect for the police, constable, or vol. fire fighter. Just add a flasher. Only $ 49.95 for the pair including mounting hardware

Sound off Signal BLUE Preditor II L.E.D

Sound off Signal BLUE Preditor II L.E.D. surface mount twin head led. Each head has 6 high powered BLUE led’s. Has many changeable patterns & each head can do a different pattern. Was $350.00 new. In exc. cond. $169.95

Code 3 Siren & Switchbox Combo

It has multi tone siren with airhorn and p.a. This includes an extra long cable from the unit to the control head. Switchbox has the 3 position slide switch for front, rear or all. Also has many push button switches for alley, work lights and others. Only $ 349.95

Whelen Large Push Bumper Twin Strobe

This has TWO 3x7 clear strobes and a Federal 100 watt speaker. This also includes 2 RED lenses that attach over the clear lenses. Includes 2 nice long strobe cables. These use 2 outlets on your power supply. Only $299.95

Whelen Amber Tall Candle Strobe

Uses one outlet on your power supply. Only $49.95

Nova 4 Head High Power LED

Has 2 Amber and 2 Red bulbs. Multi pattern- very bright $ 99.95

RED Whelen Strobe

RED Whelen strobe inserts for The Edge 9000 with AMBER LED’s. Custom made. Nothing like it out there !! Only $199.95 for pair of 2

Amber Ultra Mini Strobe

Amber Ultra mini strobe with plug. Only $ 14.95 !!

Whelen Clear Piercer for the Edge Lightbar

 Has 2 clear bulbs. Plugs into your existing Power supply but I will throw in a FREE 2 outlet power pack with this. $ 149.95

RED Lollypop Style Light

   VINTAGE  Simple RED lollypop style light has a flashing bulb. Has front and rear lens. Comes with magnet base. Brand new bulb.   The magnet costs  more than i'm selling the whole light for ! Plugs into lighter. Only $24.95

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