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More Clearance Center Used

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Whelen Amber 1 Million CP Rapid Strobe Beacon With Magnet!

Whelen  1 million candle power heavy duty strobe. Has rapid flash. Huge heavy duty magnet to secure it to your vehicle. Prism style lens  amplifies the flash.  Was barely used by security company. Looks  new  but it really is slightly  used. Has lighter plug.  He paid $ 189.95 when new. I got on trade in and am selling it $99.95   Stk # strb 43023002

Amber Bargain Strobe Beacon

Amber bargain amber strobe. Has single flash. Nice strong magnet. Lighter plug. Used  as shown. Great for driveways or a good  starter strobe. $39.95    stk # strb 043023001

Sound Off Signal Amber Strobe Light

Sound off Signal Amber tall  strobe light. This has quad flash pattern. Very bright. Has permeant mount.  Great for plows  or the new Mass ice cream truck law.    Don't get ticketed  !Only $99.95 as shown

Sound Off Signal Amber Strobe Light W Plate

Sound off Signal Amber tall  strobe light. This has quad flash pattern. Very bright. Has permeant mount and an additional mounting plate.   Great for plows  or the new Mass ice cream truck law.    Don't get ticketed  !Only $99.95 as shown

Havis Power Center with Plugs & More

Havis power center . This has 3 fused  lighter plugs, and 3 fused output wires . Also has a toggle switch. Made to fit the Havis center console but you can use it anywhere. Only $ 99.95 as shown 

RED 911 Signal 180  Degree  LED Light Heads

Red 911 Signal LED high power  180 degree light heads. these have multi pattern and synch together. They were barely used. Extra types of mounts are included . As pictured $149.95 for pair

Whelen Large Amber Strobe

Whelen  amber large strobe. This has a magnet mount. Quad flash is super bright. This is the LARGE base for extra protection. Hard wired or just add a lighter plug. $ 159.95

Federal Signal 4 Pop In Bulb  Complete Strobe Package With Power Supply and Wiring !!

Federal Signal Pop in Strobe kit. You get a Federal Signal 4 outlet Power supply, 4 pop in strobe bulbs, reflectors for bulbs if being used in a lightbar ( see pic) and  4 cables from power supply to the bulbs. 

 the bulbs alone would cost $50.00 each. I am selling the whole package for $199.95  each.  I have 2 sets available

Whelen LED Large Amber Beacon

 This is a Whelen large Amber LED beacon. It has both magnet and permanent mount. Comes with lighter plug and long cord. Many patterns to choose from at the push of a button on plug. In great condition as pictured $ 159.95

Custom OPTICOM  Traffic Light Changer

Custom made OPTICOM . this is in a Whelen Dash King with Opticom added. Has amber lens . will change the red traffic lights green. I am adding both a red lens and a blue lens to the deal. I know it will activate the traffic light in amber or remove and make clear. I never tried it on red or blue. Has lighter cord. Even has a magnet mount as it was on ceiling of a pick up. Only $299.95. Will sell to Law Enforcement or Firefighter / EMT only

Nova Amber / Clear LED light head  Combo

Nova Amber / Clear rare color combo LED light heads. These were mounted inside. You get a pair . work great $ 199.95

Amber Pipe Mount Strobe

 This is a first gen amber strobe. It has the single flash. Simple 1 wire hook up. Built in single flash power supply. This is the darker amber lens and is collectible. It can easily go into service or can be put into a collection. Works great and lens is in very good condition as shown . only $79.95

Green Clear Budget Dash LED

  Green budget LED dash light. This is Green- Clear – Green. Multi patterns. Was used in dash on security car. Only $ 25.00 used as pictured. I have the same one still new for $39.95. both have suction cups and brackets.

Whelen RED  Smarthead LED Light

Whelen 700 series red smart head LED . multi patterns to pick from. This works great. A good way to replace a broken one without having to buy a new pair for hundreds $$$. Only $50.00 works great

Whelen 810 Series  AMBER Halogen Ambulance Lights

 Whelen 810 series 8 X 10 AMBER halogen Ambulance light set. Each light has 2 halogen bulbs. The lenses are in nice clean condition as seen. The lenses alone would cost $50.00 each and up even if you could find them. No longer in production for years as they switched over to the 9x7 size.  A must if You are making  a Plumbers  truck.    Make your truck Legal. You get both lights for only $99.95. 

Carson SA 500 Siren

Carson SA -500 siren. This has noise canceling pa mic and multi siren tones. It is missing the plug that was left in the car when I got it. It is a $10 or $20.00 part .I only want $99.95 for siren without plug.

Havis Center Console  With Fuse Box

Havis center console with 150 amp fuse box. This was made in 2012 and fits chevy impala 06-2012 +++. Also fits Chevy Suburbans and many other vehicles. A faceplate is included. Only $89.95

Whelen Traffic Advisor

 Whelen Traffic Advisor controller Model TACTLD-1 control head. This has the extra face plate mount for your center console which is an extra $30.00 value. This sells for $299.95-$350.00 on line. I have it in great condition for $149.95 as shown. Easy install manual included.

original - 2023-10-20T132631.434.jpeg

Whelen DMP 3 S Rare RED strobe

Whelen DMP 3 S deck strobe. This is the rare one that has 2 strobes on the ends and a clear halogen in the center. This comes with the “Z” brackets. It is nice condition. I haven’t seen one in years. The power supply is built in. you can even add a flasher to halogen wire if you want to make it unique. Only $299.95   in RED.   

Whelen LFL / Patriot Strobe Traffic Pre Emption

Whelen Traffic Pre emption for the LFL series LED or Patriot Light Bar. Turns red lights to green. This uses the 500 series linear strobe bulbs. You get a pair along with the Pre emption power supply and a 15 foot power cord. You also get the option of regular strobe flash and the instant off mode when in park so you don’t keep tripping the Opticom. By purchasing this you certify you are authorized to use and possess this device. For Police & Fire use only. Would cost over $900.00 when new now only $499.95

Whelen Yellow Super Strobe Light

Whelen   High power quad flash  strobe  heavy duty   beacon. This has the  heavy duty magnet mount and a lighter plug with on / off switch.  Also has a second flashing bulb along with the strobe. Awesome effect.     This is very  bright.    only $149.95  as  pictured     Great for plowing

Tomar Clear Strobe Traffic Pre Emption

Tomar clear strobe traffic pre emption with power supply Includes the 3x7 rect bulb. $ 350.00 .The pack alone normally cost $500.00 for emergency vehicles only- turns traffic lights green.Strobe lens is clear

  Whelen / Federal Halogen Replacement Light Heads 

 Will screw into your existing lightbar or use on rear dash. Comes with assorted lens covers. Red- clear- blue amber- red just add an alternating flasher for extra visibility. With lens only $39.95 a pair. Can be shipped Priority Mail.

Super Special Set of 4 Federal Strobe Heads in Bright Yellow 

Each head is aprox 6 ½ x 3. Comes complete with a federal 90 watt commercial grade power supply and cables. Just plug it in and go. Only $ 299.95 Can be purchased in red or red/clear

 Whelen Red Strobe Heads 

 Perfect for grill / dash or deck only $ 49.95 each.

Can be shipped Priority Mail.

Black Plastic Strobe Flash Back Shield

Black dome style flash back blocker. This prevents strobe from flashing inside vehicle if you are using the round 360 % strobe inside vehicle. Measures aprox 4.5 high and 4.5 across top for wide. I can not guarantee fit. Only $24.95




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