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 Blue Lightbars    And   Blue Minibars

 New, Used, Strobe , LED, Rotator

 Blue Lightbars from Whelen - Federal Signal Corp - Code 3- Tomar- Sho Me

Duel Color  Amber or Blue  LED Mini Lightbar. Run Either Color  By Itself 

Duel color minibar # 772 has 2 separate colors.  You get both a blue lightbar and an AMBER lightbar in 1.   Run ALL blue or all amber.  Each color has multi patterns. Use it for plowing , road assist  or if you are law enforcement it's great for Police details. Great EMS bar in states that EMS runs BLUE. . You can only run one color at a time. Controls on lighter plug.  Has magnetic base. This is being sold for far below what it is worth. only $ 199.95

Code 3 Blue 47 inch LED Lightbar # 928

Code 3 BLUE 47 inch LED  bar # 928 is fully loaded. It has arrow board functions. The rear has one amber and one red LED Module  also . The rest of the bar is  BLUE, It has Flashing alley light and flashing take down in pursuit mode.  It has separate wires for front and rear  but there is a 3 wire combo on 1 wire so everything goes on with 1 switch if you wat to use it.  The take downs and alleys can also be run separately. It has cruise mode on all corner led's.  This is in beautiful condition. The lenses are a 9.5 +++ out of 10 ! Comes with standard mounting feet. This is an easy $2,000.00 lightbar. I am letting it go for $ 499.95 !!!    NOT A TYPO 

BLUE  Revolving Full Size Lightbar   (NOS)

BLUE  Revolving halogen full size lightbar. This is  NOS.  Measures  aprox 48 long. Has 4 rotating halogen reflectors, 2 steady burn "Take downs"  2 rear halogen wig wag flashers. 2  clear alley lights.  There is  room behind center grill for a speaker if you add one. Included is a full size lighted switchbox. Mounting feet, Clamps and hardware included. It has a nice long cable.  Simple 2 wire hook up !!   only $799.95.  This is  NOS   I bought every one they had left.   ONLY 8 AVAILABLE

Ultra bright  BLUE Mini LED  lightbar

Ultra bright mini LED light lightbar has 6 TIR 3 lightheads with3.5 gen bulbs. Comes with magnet mounts & multi pattern changer. Plug and play . Available in BLUE for $299.95.This is unbelievable.      CLOSEOUT . Factory discontinued these . I can not reorder  stk 845-846-847

Ultra bright  BLUE Mini LED  lightbar


Sho Me Blue   Duel Strobe Mini Bar

Sho - ME  Blue twin Strobe mini bar # 814. This has 2 high power strobe inside. This bar is very bright. The flash pattern is incredible. It is brand new and comes with a long cable. simple 2 wire hook up. it has permanent  mount base. easily attaches to a back rack for a police detail or add magnets. Looks  sick in a mancave or display. The biggest  Police  supply company sells the bulbs  alone  for this price.   only $ 249.95

Federal Valor Blue / Clear   Duel Color Fully Loaded Light Bar With Amber Arrow Board

Federal Valor duel color Blue / Clear lightbar # 774. This is insane. It as multi color options. All blue front, Blue/ clear side by side flash, mixed b/c flash , 2 LED clear take down lights, 2 led alleys, flashing t/d and flashing alleys, Rear amber arrow board, rear amber flashing, rear all blue, Rear 1 amber, 1 red led activated. And so much more not listed. Comes with the all important external led interface you must have to operate. If you but this light without it somewhere else, you have a big paperweight. All functions listed on easy to follow wiring directions work. This can even be upgraded with different controllers ! The mounts are included. ! This version sells new for anywhere from $2,900.00 to $4,500.00 depending on where you live. I am letting this go for only $1,299.95. You can try it before you buy it in our Woburn showroom,.  >>  CAN SHIP UPS <<<. Great for Police, constables or EMS where blue is permitted ! 

Valor  above FRONT  Blue   ON 

Valor  Front blue  on.  Flash mode

 Shows rear flashing blue against wall

Valor  above  Rear arrow ON 

Valor above Arrow  amber on.

 Code 3   2700 LED  FULLY LOADED Blue Police  light Bar

Code 3 Blue 2700 LED Fully LOADED 16 head LED Light bar. Bar # 762. This is all blue with one added clear LED in front that was added. You can easily unplug it. You get 16 flashing LED’s 2 flashing LED alleys and 2 flashing halogen take down lights for an incredible 20 flashing heads. Take down and alleys obviously can burn steady also. Has all the features. front cut off, multi patterns, front only, rear only . measures 47 inches long. Comes with the mounting feet and clamps. FULL size 15 foot cables. Not a chopped up piece of salvage. Lenses are crystal clear. List when new was well over $2,000.00. Will let go for $999.95 for pick up in MASS only. Can’t be shipped

Rear pic of bar # 762 Code 3   2700 LED Blue Police Bar

Rear of bar # 762 Code 3   2700 Blue Police Bar

Blue LED Interior Deck Light Bar

Blue LED interior 8 head deck light. This started out as a visor light for a Crown Vic. Since no one has one anymore, I cut the frame up the middle to make a nice deck light. It has a simple 1 wire on/ off and a pattern wire. It also has a wire that steady burns 2 LED’s so you can park or cruise. There is a nice long cord. Started as a Whelen visor light. Great for Police traffic details in your own car.    CAN NOT SHIP Only $249.95 for a quick sale.


  Tomar BLUE rear deck Strobe light set. This has 5 Tomar blue large strobe bulbs. The same ones used it their roof Light Bar. This has the Tomatr plugs and easily plugs into YOUR Tomar power supply. You can also hook it up to a Tomar arrow board power supply if you want. This went for over $795.00 new as the bulbs cost $109.95 each new. Nice long original cord not chopped up. Only $279.95

Blue Federal Arjent LED lightbar # 625

Blue Federal Arjent LED lightbar # 625 has all led lightheads. Comes with 2 halogen flashing take down lights and flashing halogen alley lights. Has front cut off mode also. Comes with both permanent mounting feet and clamps. The led interface controller is included. When new was $2,400.00 now in great working condition $999.95.   >>  WILL  CONSIDER REASONABLE OFFER <  Local pick up only

Whelen blue LFL 14 head LED 48 inch lightbar # 580

Perfect for film or movie prop as lenses are blue without even having to turn light on. This has a simple “all on” wire that turns on all LEDs & flashing alley lights. The arrow board also functions and the alley lights  and take downs can go on both solid or flashing. The mounting feet & clamps are included. Wire is short but easily extended as you only need 1 wire to turn everything on plus a positive and ground. This was $2,400.00 when new. Now only $999.95. Great movie prop or good for constable. Sold as shown & works perfect. NOW FULLY LOADED I ADDED TO IT

Whelen blue LFL 14 head LED 48 inch lightbar # 580


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