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Ordering and Payment Information: Important Policies


We are open for in person visits and pick ups by APPOINTMENT ONLY.


We are available Weekdays between 9 AM and 8 pm and on most weekends 9:30am -8:pm. Again.BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. We only accept CASH as payment if picking up in person. No credit cards, checks, money orders or any other form of payment or Cash Apps.  We do NOT take Venmo or Paypay.   . Absolutely no exceptions. We will gladly supply a receipt for your purchase for your records. Almost 100% of our business is done in person. We will accept a City / Town  or governmental check for payment


We will gladly ship to all 50 states. We will accept a US POSTAL MONEY ORDER ONLY as payment.. Due to the many scammers that ship fake money orders we will not take the risk. We can easily cash a US POSTAL MONEY ORDER right at the post office and ship immediately. We do NOT take Credit Cards. Walk in's must pay cash. We usually  ship within 24 hours of payment.


If you are one of the many repeat customers that already have my address please do not just send the order thru the mail. FIRST, e mail me so I can put your item on hold. I do not want to sell it to another customer if your payment is on the way and I simply don't know about i


All items are First Come First Served. We will hold an item once you e mail a copy of the postal money order.


SHIPPING: We ship by the U.S. Post Office using FLAT RATE PRIORITY MAIL. If it fits , it ships. There are 3 sizes. Small for $13.00 Medium For $ 21.00 and Large for $ 26.00. This covers shipping, tracking, and packaging materials. We don't make a cent on the shipping. We actually lose a little due to the cost of bubble wrap & trip to Post Office.


Certain over sized products can be shipped by UPS . Many over sized lenses can go UPS for whatever the actual cost to me is.


We are not responsible for lost or misdirect packages once they are in possession of the U.S. Postal Service or U.P.S. We are not responsible for circumstances beyond our control including weather delays, acts of God,  "Stolen packages  from your address or any other unforeseen circumstance which we have no control over. We recommend insurance for $3.00 per hundred dollars. If it is not insured, there is nothing we can do if lost or damaged in transit.


We are able to ship MOST lightbars on a case by case basis.


Used items are tested before being shipped. Used items are " As Is" All sales are final. SOME new LED's Have a limited 6 month or longer  Factory warranty. Please ask for details. We can NOT be responsible for lenses that do not fit your application. There are no refunds or exchanges. We can not be responsible for fit if we don't have it in front of us. If you understand what you are ordering, it is  easy. it is  up to YOU to order the correct lens. once it leaves, you own it.



Due to the many on line scams we will not respond to any inquiries outside the U.S. WE DO NOT TRADE LENSES FOR A DIFFERENT COLOR- DON'T ASK.


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