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Parts: Hard to Find

Huge  Selection of Whelen, Code 3, Federal And Many More 

Parts For Your Light Bar . Mounts, Wiring, Cables, and Rare Items

Whelen LFL or Liberty Mounting Feet

Whelen LFL or Liberty Mounting feet. Brand new twist on style. Has the retaining bar and all hardware and foot rubber pads so you wont scratch roof. Brand new $119.95

Whelen 900 series Flange and Gasket  Package

Whelen 900 series 9X7 inch Chrome flange with gasket. These are brand new. They include the gasket that alone costs $20.00 . These fit the Box section of the ambulance, Front back sides. Even if you don’t need the flange at this time, get it for the gasket. I am selling both pieces in original whelen packaging for $9.95.    I have  about a dozen available.

Whelen 7 x 3 Housing

Whelen 7x3 housing for, mini Grille Master, Intersector and most 7x3 lights.  i have 3 available   Brand new $19.95

Whelen  Alternating Halogen Flasher

Whelen  Alternating Halogen 7.5 amp flasher. Small size  fits in light bars  and almost anywhere . it is brtand new. $29.95 ea. I have 3 available

Red Brake, Tail Turn  Lights for Whelen  Edge 9000

 Brake, Turn, Running RED lights for your Whelen Edge series light bar. A must for tow trucks. Mass law and most DOT require it when towing. Simple 4 wire hook up. It even comes with the trailer plug. Only $49.95 

Whelen 4 outlet halogen Flasher

 Whelen Halogen 4 outlet flasher. This wig wags your halogen lights in the Edge 9000 light bar only $49.95 including all the wires that plug into the bulbs

Whelen  LCC  Traffic Advisor Extension Cable

Whelen LCC extension cable from your Cencom to the Lightbar. This low current cable controls the traffic advisor. It’s the one that is always missing when you buy a used Cencom. It is aprox 20 feet. Only $59.95

Whelen  Mic Extension Cable

Whelen mic extension cable. This goes from the mic to your Cencom. Aporox. 20 feet. Only $49.95

Whelen  6 Outlet LED Flasher

Whelen 6 outlet LED flasher. Controls 6 LED light heads at once, no need to buy a mother board that wont fit to add lights to your light bar. Flashes all brands of 12 volt LED bulbs. $99.95 used

Whelen  - Federal Switch Box Legend Stickers

Whelen switchbox legend stickers. These fit Whelen , Federal and many other switch boxes. You get all the stickers shown for both strobe and LED along with many other functions. You also get 6 plastic covers so you can easily change the stickers over. Complete kit as shown $19.95 BRAND NEW

Federal Dynamax Speaker Mounting Bracket

Federal Dynamax speaker mounting bracket. Fits the Federal Dynamax and other sub compact speakers. Made for the 2007Ford Expedition and 2012 Explorer but FITS MANY OTHER VEHICLES. I have this brand new in package for $29.95. 

Code 3 MX 7000 Adjustable Mounting  Feet Kit

Code 3 MX 7000 or Excalibur Adjustable Mounting feet. They adjust for perfect leveling and securing your lightbar in the fastest pursuit. These are impossible to find. This is the first set I ever saw. Fits the following pursuit vehicles. 2001-present : Dodge Charger, Chevy Caprice, Ford PI Sedan, Ford PI Utility, 2005-present Chevy Impala, 2015-present: Chevy Tahoe. May fit other vehicles also. You get the rubber pads also . This is brand new. List is over $150.00 I have ONE AVAILABLE for $99.95  

Whelen Edge Strobe Cable

Whelen Edge 9000 power cable. This has the 2 thick power wires and a tone of smaller relay wires. It came off a Mini Bar with 4 strobes and the red and black ran it alone. It is a couple of inches under 8 feet. Has the plug in connectors included as shown. Only $49.95

Whelen  LFL Libety We - Can I O / Mother Board

Whelen LFL Liberty  WC I O / Mother board. This is for the WE- CAN light bar that starts with model “SW” then 4 letters like BBBB, AAAA, RRRR,GGGG etc. you get the idea.   Upgrade to all the crazy patterns  your light does not have. I have not only the mother board but I am throwing in the complete inner wiring harness at no cost. Not only are you getting the extra wiring free, I got such a deal I can sell this for only $199.95!! That’s both the IO board AND the inner harness !!! I normally get $200.00 just for the board. Made in 7/11 and 8/11 That’s $199.95 for both the Board and harness.. I only have 2 sets available for this low price stk MB 073018001 & stk MB 073018002

Whelen  LFL Liberty Power  & Control Cable 

Whelen LFL Liberty LED Serial power cable and control cable. You get both. They are aprox the full 17 feet long and even includes the grounding bolt . This is for the DIGITAL bar. Replace your short cable today or if you bought a light with little or no cable. Easily snaps on to your IO/Mother board. Super low price $69.95. I have 2 sets available at this price only.

Whelen Alley Lights With Blue LED Cruise Lights

Whelen 9m Alley light set with BLUE LED cruise / running lights. I have never seen these. They clip right into a 9M endcap or can be siliconed into a regular end cap. Has halogen alley light ( 400 series) and has BLUE running light modules on each side of alley light for front / back. These are insane $ 129.95 for a pair.

Code 3 Force 4 XL  Replacement  Motors

 Code 3 Force 4 XL replacement motors. I have a 2 pack  of replacement motors for the Code 3 Force 4 XL lightbar. yes, it's the one on Ghostbusters.   I am including 3 mounting screws which you should already have if you are just replacing your burned out motor.  you get a pack of 2 for $ 49.95. Can easily ship small flat rate priority mail

Code 3 Force 4 XL Inner End Cap Mirror

 Code 3 Force 4 XL INNER metal reflective end cap section. This goes on the inside section end of your lens. If yours is pitted, faded or rusted, you can replace it. You get a pack of 3 with bolts for $29.95 

Whelen Ultra Freedom LED Mother Board

Whelen Ultra Freedom FS 8 XXXX mother board. This is a Digital / Serial board. Has 2 power wires and 2 control wires coming out. I am including all the internal wiring at no cost and the power and control cables. This is for a LED Whelen Freedom / Ultra . all for $99.95 stk MB 061018003

Code 3 Force 4 XL  Z Mirrors

Code 3 Force 4 XL “Z” Long Mirrors. You get 2 long and 2 short for $29.95

Whelen Rare 4 Female Pin Mic

Whelen Rare 4 female pin mic. $49.95 very hard to find

Whelen WE Can LFL  IO Board 

Whelen LFL WE CAN IO board. Replace a burned out board or upgrade to the WE CAN. I have 2 available. Made in 3/12 and 3/13. I am including the internal wiring harness with this. Only $199.95 each. I also have the 16 foot power/ controller cable available for $99.95 additional . if you are replacing a WE CAN you already have the power cable. If you are upgrading, you need it.

Whelen  LFL  IO Board  Bargain Deal

Whelen LFL IO boards. Also known as Mother boards. These came out of a working LED lightbar. I got a great deal on these. Replace a burned out board today. I am even including all INTERNAL wiring that I get $100.00 alone for . I am selling both the board and wiring for $99.95. I have 2 available at this price only. Stk #s MB 032817001002 and 003  I normally sell these  for $199.95,. Now  half  price !  Wiring as shown included FREE

 THIS IS A MODEL " J"    There is a "J" after the 5 digit model number on printed on the board. NOTE, The board  can be easily unscrewed from the mount with 4 screws  to fit a Whelen Freedom.   The  silver mount fits a LFL. The board  is made for both  !!

 These wont last at this price. DEALERS are buying these from me  and then tripling the price on Ebay.

Whelen WE Can LFL 16 Foot Power  Cable

Whelen LFL WE CAN 16 foot wiring cable set. You get both the power cable and controller cable with connector. A must if you have a new bar with short or missing cable. I only have 3 available. Only $99.95 each .

Federal VIsta 4 outlet Power Supply

 Federal Vista 4 outlet internal power supply. This just arrived and I rarely get these. I will let it go for $99.95 plus priority mail shipping flat rate box $20.00

Whelen  Mother Board LFL Split Head  style 02/10

Whelen LFL Mother board. This is the special board from 02/10 that powers the split bulb Lin 6 into 3/3 for duel color arrow board. The bulb would have 2 sets of wires for this to operate in split mode. Will still work on a regular Lin -6 bulb found in all LFL bars which flash all 6 bulbs together. You just get 6 wires you do not need to connect. If you are looking for this hard to find mother board I have it. Not only am I discounting it for $179.95 but I am throwing in the internal wiring harness at NO COST. Buy it for the board, keep the wires for spares. Again, only $179.95 it came off a working light bar.

Whelen 500 Series Rubber Grommets

Whelen 500 series rubber mounting brackets/ grommets. You get a 4 pack for $39.95

Whelen 500 Series Black Mounting Bezels

Whelen 500 series black plastic mounting bezels. $19.95 for pair

Whelen LFL   IO Board With Harness & Long Cable

Whelen IO board for LFL series. This was made in 10/09. This includes a long battery cable and control cable. I am also throwing in the complete inner wiring harness at no cost. You get it all for only $199.95 stk # 072517009

Whelen LFL   IO Board With Harness

Whelen LFL IO Board for LFL series. This was made in June of 2007. I am including the complete internal harness and about a foot of battery and control cables at no additional cost. Only $149.95 for whole package , Stk # 072517008

Whelen LFL   IO board with Long Cable

 Whelen IO board for the LFL series LED light bar. This includes the complete inner wiring harness and a LONG battery cable and control cable. Normally I sell the boards by themselves. I am not charging for the harness or wires. You get it all for $199.95 you can replace your burned out board .Stk # IO 092517002 I only have 2 available HURRY.

Whelen Mini Liberty II  Motherboard from 2016

Whelen Liberty II motherboard from the mini bar made in jan/ 2016. This controls the flashing and all functions. Came out of a fully functional light bar. Only $149.95 as pictured

Whelen Mini Liberty II  Motherboard

Whelen Liberty II mother board off a mini LED lightbar. Made in 2015. This is what flashes the lights. This is in almost new shape. Only $149.95

Federal Vista Mounting Feet

Federal Vista mounting feet. You get the pair with the mounting blot from feet to light. Only $29.95 for BOTH.

Whelen Advantedge Frame Supports

Whelen Advantedge frame supports. One has the mirror as per spec. These 2 supports are used to hold the top frame to the bottom frame. Yes, You need them if you are rebuilding a bar. Only $29.95 for BOTH as shown.

Whelen Advantedge Black Logo Strip

Whelen Advantedge black logo strip for the Advantedge light bar. This fits the 72 inch bar. You get a section that’s 53 inches and a 20 inches as whelen never made a 72 solid. One is in 3 sections. You get enough for both sides. This is very rare. Great for a restore. Only $59.95 for all.

SMITH & WESSON Center Grill

Smith and Wesson center grill. This has the speaker slots and the logo on back $29.95 as shown

Whelen Advantedge  Rotators x large Vintage

Whelen Advantedge x large rotators with motors and bulbs. I just got these. They are the rare extra large size. I have 4 available as shown. They attach with plastic push in screws and double side tape. I am throwing in some screws at no cost. These are available for $59.95 EACH. These are impossible to find. You can buy 1 or all 4

Whelen Advantedge  Mirrors

Whelen Advantedge diamond mirrors. You get 4 “ v” sections. 2 make a diamond. You use one set per side of a full size light bar. Only $29.95 for all 4 sections FIRM. 

Whelen Liberty Dividers with Spacers

Whelen Liberty or LFL black dividers. I have a set of 13 Dividers with nice gaskets for your LED lightbar. I am also throwing in 4 aluminum spacers that take up the space by your corner modules. You get the whole set for $39.95

Whelen Diagnostix meter

Whelen Diagnostix 4 port power supply meter. Plugs into certain model Whelen power supplies. This is a Tech tool. Brand new with a long cable $29.95

Whelen Ultra 24 foot cables

Whelen Ultra cable set. You get both the 24 foot control cable and a 20 foot power cable for pos& neg. all connectors are included. Plugs right into your motherboard. Fits Whelen Ultra model # 9U428000. Only $99.95 I never get these cables this long. You scored !

Whelen B link # 9UN2800 Wiring harness

Whelen B link # 9UN2800 complete wiring harness both internal and external includes power cable, control cable ( plugs into your MPc01) all internal plugs exactly as it came out. Nothing cut or missing. $99.95.

Federal jetsonic 2 piece mirror 

Federal jetsonic 2 piece mirror set for model J series B lightbar $ 29.95 for both

Federal Jetsonic Model J series B 2 piece chain set.

Federal Jetsonic Model J series B 2 piece chain set. You get both the long and short. No kinks or rust. $29.95 for both.

Code 3 Force 4 XL

Code 3 Force 4 XL replacement motor & reflector assembly

Replace your worn out motor today. Only $24.95 each.

Code 3 MX 7000 Lower Level Sweeping Intersection Lights

 These have the motor, reflector and halogen bulbs. Nice smooth movement. You get the PAIR for $79

Code 3 MX 7000 Complete Mirror Set

 You get the 2 outer mirrors and 4 inner mirrors. ( most bars use only 2) The mounting screws are included. Only $29.95 for the whole thing as shown.

Code 3 MX 7000 V Mirror  Set

Code 3 MX 7000 “v” mirrors. You get a pair with mounts for $19.95