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Parts by Whelen, Code 3 , Federal & More

Many no longer in production. Visit Parts Page 1 for More!


Whelen    LFL  Frame With Feet & Baskets

Whelen  LFL Frame for 48 inch Lightbar. The frame is actually 44 inches but when you add your endcaps and lenses it makes a 48 inch lightbar.  Include  are the 10 plastic baskets that hold the LED bulbs.   Also included are the mounting feet with the hardware that holds  YOUR bolt and clamp if you want to clamp mount it.   This is the frame only. NO ELECTRONICS OR BULBS.     stk #   FRM 061223001    only $ 149.95 as shown

Code 3 Force 4 XL Rotators, Bulb, Reflector  Package   GHOSTBUSTERS

Code 3 Force 4 XL  Rotators. These include motor, halogen bulb and reflector. Simple to replace . Old one pops out  , This one pops in . Simple bolt holds it in. This fits the Code 3 Force 4 XL  GHOSTBUSTERS light.   Get a replacement now as these  are hard to find and prices keep going up.  You get a 4 pack   that all came out of same lightbar. $179.95  for all 4

Code 3 Force 4 XL  " V" Mirrors

Code 3 Force 4 XL  "V" Mirrors. you get all 4, Enough for both sides of your lightbar. Yes ! This fits the " Ghostbusters" Light. Replace your pitted mirrors while you can. I have a 4 pack for only $ 99.95

Whelen   Mirror Mounts for 2011 Ford Taurus  Brand New

Whelen Brand New Mirror mounts  for a 2011 Ford Taurus. You get a set on new mounts  for your 500 series  & other size lights. . Brand  new $ 49.95 for pair

Whelen  Adjustable Lightbar Mounting Feet  Brand New

Whelen Brand New Adjustable mounting feet for LFL & Liberty  light bars.  These include the locking hardware shown, They are brand new and only out of package so i could take pic.   I have 2 sets available   You know how hard these are to find.  They level your lightbar  so you don't have to stick stuff under the feet.  only $ 149.95 for the pair as shown 

Whelen Siren Rocker Power Switch

Whelen  rocker switch or  HF SA 295 and others. I have brand new Whelen switches for your siren, I have 2 types . The 10 amp  (says 1731 on the side of switch)  or the 20 amp ( says CRTPA on side of switch)  Both styles have 6 blades. Why throw out a good  siren just because you cant find the switch anywhere.   I have a few brand new ones  . Only $19.95   but I will do a  buy  1 get 1 FREE. You get 2 switches for $19.95.   Get 1 of each to be sure you chose the correct switch since i'm giving you 1 free.

Whelen 27 Amp  Switchbox  Power Switch

Whelen  27 amp REPLACEMENT   switch for the Whelen PCC-6 and PCC-10  power control centers. ( Switchboxes)    2 prong switch on back  replaces the 3 prong per Whelen's instructions. These are brand new and  hard to find.  I am selling them as a 3 pack. Since  others get $20.00 a  switch, I am selling a THREE  pack  for only $29.95.   That comes out to under  ten bucks a switch. ! Brand  new in original Whelen bags,  Whelen instructions  included  again :   >>   3  for $ 29.95 <<

Whelen 500 Series Chrome Pedestal Mounting Brackets.  Metal, Not Plastic

Whelen 500 series chrome pedestal    mounting brackets. These are made of metal, not cheap plastic. Designed to go on Police motor cycles no built to last and not rust. Includes all mounting hardware.  I only found one other site with these and for a lot more money. These are brand new. you get a PAIR for $129.95

Whelen ION  LED Grill Mounting Brackets- Multi Use. Mount Surface Mount LED's 

Whelen  ION  mounting brackets. These are a 2 piece that go in front of grill. Can really be used anywhere . Not just for Whelen IONs  .You can mount any brand surface mount led's or even the hide a way led's to it. Sells  elsewhere for $32.95 to $44.95.  I have them available $22.95 each  brand  new. 4 sets available. You get what's pictured.   

Whelen 9 M Replacement Mother Board - Strobe

Whelen 9M  strobe motherboard. Why throw away a great strobe lightbar just because you burned out the board. This is easily replaceable. Just plug and play. These cost several hundred dollars  when whelen had them. I just got 2 and I can let them go for $ 99.95  each. Stk   MB 050123001 & MB 050123002

Whelen Liberty 8 channel Ballast for LED 

Whelen Liberty 8 Channel  LED Ballast.  This is the full 8 channel , not the  4 . This has been out of production for years. Why take chances buying a used replacement that could turn out to be junk. I have a brand new one.  . If you own a ballast bar, it's worth getting a replacement ballast.  Either that or throw away a $2,000.00 light. Stk #   PS 042323001  new $ 299.95

Whelen Duel Talon Flash Back Shield

Whelen duel Talon flash back Shield  . This has been out of production for years.  Never used but was in a display case. Only $ 29.95

Whelen Duel Avenger Flash Back Shield

Whelen duel Avenger flash back Shield   kit. This has the 2 stick on side mirror reflectors also. These are not the easiest items to find. Brand new  $34.95

Whelen  500 Series Chrome Mounting Bezels / Flanges

Whelen  500 series chrome mounting flanges ( bezels) . These are brand new and the gasket is included   Mount your 500 series lighthead to a flat surface.  . you get a pair as shown $ 19.95

>>>   BULK PRICING AVAILBLE  <<<   PLease ... Make them go away , They bred and are taking over !!!

Whelen  400 Series Chrome Mounting Bezels / Flanges

Whelen  400 series chrome mounting flanges ( bezels) . These are brand new and the gasket is included   Mount your 400 series lighthead to a flat surface.  . you get a pair as shown $ 24.95

Whelen  Strobe Cable 15 feet plus Extra Connector Package

Whelen 15 foot strobe cable. This is the 3 wire cable Whelen made for their strobes. It comes with the Waterproof Connector and one AMP connector. I added another AMP, more pins and the other side of the waterproof connector at no charge. This way you can use it on both kinds of Whelen Strobe bulbs.  Brand new   only $39.95   ONLY 1 available

Whelen LFL Liberty  or LFL   Complete Mounting Package

Whelen LFL  Liberty   mounting feet  package.   Brand NEW. You get the easy twist on feet, The clamps, Locking hardware, Bolts, all mounting screws and related hardware. Everything you need to mount your Whelen LFL  lightbar. Brand new  $149.95

Stainless Steel LED Mounting Brackets

LED stainless steel mounting brackets. Easily mount your surface mount LED's behind your grill or near license plate.  Stainless steel prevents rust. Brand new $ 24.95 a  pair   4 pair available

Whelen Responder DX Replacement Motors

Whelen Responder DX replacement motors. You get a  pair . They run nice and smooth.  Replace a burned out or slow motor  today. only $ 49.95  for  PAIR

25 Amp Duel Switch  Set

25 amp duel switch set. Includes fuses, and nice long wires. only $49.95  for  set    Brand  new

Whelen Pioneer Light Mounting  Kit

Whelen Pioneer light  pedestal   MOUNTING KIT. This has the base and wiring harness  for  YOUR Whelen Pioneer Light.  Sells at dealers  for $ 229.95.  I have a brand new one available for $ 149.95.   NO  The $ 800.

00 light is  NOT included    Nice  try

Whelen LFL power & Control Cable Set

Whelen LFL 10 foot power cable and 7 foot control cable. This has 16 female pins that plug into your motherboard. ALL 16 pins are there. none missing.

includes the grounding screw for the frame of the lightbar that stops the harness from calling out. This will also fit certain Whelen Edge 9000 lightbars that have the 8 over 8 female pin configuration.  only $89.95  stk 120322001

Whelen 16 Outlet LED  Flasher  - Ambulance / Fire

Whelen 16 outlet   LED flasher. Made to power an entire ambulance or fire truck.  simple hook up !   Great way to replace a burned out flasher in your LED  lightbar also saving the  cost of a motherboard.  It's made by Whelen so you know it will last. only $129.95 in excellent condition as pictured.

Whelen 5 outlet Halogen Flasher  - Ambulance / Fire

Whelen 5 outlet halogen flasher. Made for high power ambulances or firetrucks, this will power the brightest halogen bulbs. It's made by Whelen so you know it will last. only $99.95 in excellent condition as pictured.

Whelen LFL / Liberty Mounts Brand New

Whelen LFL   new style lightbar  mounting feet. These are brand new just out of package. Includes the locking bars as seen. Padded feet wont scratch vehicle.   New style twists on so you do not have to remove endcaps to mount. Great for full Whelen LFL and WHelen Mini Liberty lightbars.  Brand new  $ 99.95 for  pair

Federal Twinsonic Lens / Dome Metal Retainer

Federal Twinsonic Lens Retainer. This is the metal piece that holds the lens / dome on. It has the Twinsonic logo. I gave seen these on other websites for  $ 50.00   I am only asking $ 39.95. This can  ship priority mail for $ 9.95   including packing

Federal Twinsonic Grill

Federal Twinsonic Grill. This has  an antennae mount built in. Very hard to find. only $ 49.95 as pictured 

Code 3 Force 4 XL  Mounting Legs

Code 3 Force 4 XL mounting legs. These are called the "high rise" style. You get a pair. These include the carriage bolts, lock washers, washers & nuts. Just slide them into frame. they fit the Code 3 Force 4 xl  and  some others. Yes < They fir the "Ghost Busters" Lightbar. Now you can mount it correctly. Only $ 79.95 pair as shown

Code 3 Force 4 XL  4 Foot Wiring Cable

Code 3 Force 4 XL 4 foot wiring power cable. This is original and has enough wires for every function. it is 4 feet. If you bought an old police bar, they usually only give you 6  INCHES as it's cut at roof.  This is 4 feet. Enough to go thru roof and make your connections. Great for a " Ghost Busters" lightbar.   only $ 49.95.   Wire up your  " Ecto"  today

Code 3 Force 4 XL Dome / Lens Mounts

Code 3 Force 4 XL inner dome / lens holders. These support each dome. They should already be in your light but they sometimes crack or are not there if you buy a used bar. These fit the Code 3 Force 4 XL  ( the Ghost Busters" light   $ 25.00 for all 4

Whelen 500 Series Mounting Bezels

Whelen 500 series mounting bezel with extender. These easily mount your 500 series led's or strobes to flat surfaces or mirrors. They are brand new. You get the pair $ 24.95

Whelen  400 Series 2 pc Mounting Gaskets

Whelen 400 series  double mounting gaskets. You get the soft rubber gaskets and the hard plastic mounts as shown. They are brand new. You get a pair.  You get what's shown  for  $24.95  They are brand new.      I have 2 kits  available for $24.95  EACH

Federal Vista Rotator, Bulb, Motor Assembly

Federal Vista Halogen Rotators. This is the complete assembly with motor, Gear reflector and halogen bulb. The base is included with 3 mounting screws. can be used on any lightbar that it will fit , not just the Vista. No longer in production. only $99.95  for the PAIR

Whelen Edge 9000 52 Inch Lightbar Frame

Whelen Edge 9000 52 Inch frame. This is 48 inches long and when you add the endcaps it makes the 52 inch  Whelen Edge 9000 light bar. It comes with the grommets and the power supply plastic safety shield.  it also DAVIFIED the top of the frame and it looks better than the day it came out of the factory. only $99.95  Price is firm. 

EP 911  CID controller / Interface

EP 911 Minibar CID Controller  / Interface . This is needed to interface with the LED lightbar. It operates Patterns, alley and take down lights as well as on / off  It is no longer made. this was made Dec. 2004.  Impossible to find. only $99.95

Whelen We Can I O Board With Harness

Whelen LFL WE - CAN I/O ( Motherboard). Dated 1/11 this is a nice upgrade. You can also replace your burned out board. I am throwing in the entire internal wiring harness at on additional cost. There is even a 1 foot power cable included. Only $ 199.95. Stk # 121420003

EP 911 Mini Bar Frame

EP 911 minibar frame. This is aprox 26 x 7.5 inches. The mounting feet are included. This is the frame only.  NO Electronics.  no longer made. this was made Dec. 2004. only $149.95

EP 911 40 Inch Internal Cable

EP 911 40 inch internal cable.  if yours is broken you know what this is and how hard it is to find one.  Came from lightbar dated Dec. 2004.   only

 $ 24.95

Whelen  LFL LED  I/O  Mother Board & Wiring

Whelen LFL  ( I/O ) mother board  for the LFL LED lightbar. I normally get $200.00 for this without the internal wiring. This has the Arrow board function and flashing T/D   & Alleys.  I am throwing in the complete internal wiring harness at no additional cost and only charging $99.95 for EVERYTHING.    Not A Typo ! Works perfect . came off a working lightbar. Dated 10/08    Stock # MB 121520001

Deck / Dash Light Mounting Kit

 Sound off Signal light mounting kit. Works with other brands of dash and deck lights. You get the Z bracket, windshield bracket, adhesive, suction cups and everything pictured here. Brand new $44.95

Whelen WECAN Point Of Control Programmer for LFL 

Whelen WECAN point of control for your LED LFL Whelen light bar. This goes to the WECAN style board to allow you programming. If you have a Whelen WECAN  lightbar you know what it is.   These  NO longer come free with the lightbar. You must purchase them separately.  I have 4 brand new ones available. I googled it up for a price and one competitor is getting $182.00

  ( I have the webpage, I didn't believe it either)I am selling it new  for $79.95 which is the average selling price and lower than in my area. yes  instructions are included. 

Federal Legend LED   Mother Board 

Federal Legend LED  Mother Board. This is found inside the Lightbar. It is different from the interface. This is the part that plugs into your LED light heads and the main power cables.  I am including the ground cable  original size  and throwing in a small positive lead  but you should already have both if you are simply replacing your burned out board.  Came from a fully function light bar i stripped for parts. only $ 149.95 

Federal Legend Internal Wiring Cables

Federal Legend LED internal wiring cables. You get all the cables seen here to run the Federal Legend from the Motherboard to the 4  LED assemblies. The 2 ground wires are even included that go from frame to top of LED assembly. $ 49.95 for everything seen here. Came from a working lightbar. 

Whelen  LFL / Patriot I/O Mother Board

WHELEN LC LED I/O board. Came from a Whelen LFL / Patriot . Controls 2- power supplies , all LED bulbs and TD / Alley lights. Only $ 99.95 stk # MB 050820001

Federal Legend Mounts

Federal Legend mounts. you get the 8 bolts and nuts also.  Mounts your LED Federal Legend. $49.95 for pair

Whelen  LFL / Patriot Internal Wiring Harness

Whelen LFL / Patriot internal wiring harness. This is every wire to run the Whelen Patriot INSIDE the lightbar . only $ 99.95 

Whelen Mirror Mounts for 500 Series lights

 Whelen mirror mounts for 500 series LED’s or Strobes. Made for a 2007 Tahoe. Fits others to 2014 and other mirrors. We can not guarantee fit on your vehicle. Brand new $ 99.95 matched pair

Power Arc Oscillating Halogen Motor with Bulb

Power Arc Oscillating Halogen Motor with Bulb

These oscillate   back and forth. only $49.95 each as  shown. While they last !

Power Arc Lens Retainers

 I have 2 sets of Power Arc Lens Retainers. They hold the Lens to the Light Bar. Only $39.95 for each PAIR. 

Power Arc Mounting Feet. Fits other Lights

Power Arc mounting feet. These fit Power Arc light bars and many others. you get a set of 2  for $39.95 includes all hardware.  2 sets available

Federal Streethawk Replacement Motor set

Federal Streethawk Replacement Motor set. I have a pair of used motors with reflectors. i only have 1 pair without bulbs. Why pay for bulbs if you only have a burned out motor? Don’t throw away the light you love simply because your motor froze. You get a pair for only $69.95. I have other kits with bulbs if you need them.  These are getting harder to find.

Whelen  15 Foot Strobe Cable

 Whelen 15 foot strobe cable. I have a few Brand new Whelen 15 foot strobe cables. They have the pins on the ends and include the AMP connectors. ( Yea, you need those) only $ 29.95 each.

Federal Powerlight 184 Base / Shroud , Motor, w Badge & Connector

Federal Powerlight # 184 Base / shroud with badge ( logo) & the brass electronic plate the bulbs connect to on top. The MOTOR is Included and works great. You also get the 3 tall mounting bolts under the base. Only $ 119.95 Great for a rebuild. Sold as shown

Federal Powerlight 184 Base / Shroud w Badge & Connector

Federal Powerlight # 184 Base / shroud with badge ( logo) & the brass electronic plate the bulbs connect to on top. Only $ 59.95 Great for a rebuild. Sold as shown

Federal Powerlight 184 Base / Shroud w Badge

Federal Powerlight # 184 Base / shroud with badge ( logo). Open on top. Only $ 49.95 Great for a rebuild. Sold as shown 

Dietz 7-116 Base / Shroud w Badge

 Dietz 7-116 base / shroud with badge (logo)and lens retaining ring. Great for a restoration, Priced to sell at $49.95 sold as shown

Federal Director Non Working Vintage Siren

Federal Director vintage siren. This is being sold as Parts ONLY. Great as a movie prop or collectible. It is non functioning and is dead. ( That’s why you don’t buy these at shows, I was told it was working) I am losing money selling it for $35.00 for parts. Will look nice on a wall or in movie for period car. Stk # sir 070619001 NOT WORKING $ 35.00

Federal  Non Working Vintage Siren

 Federal Director vintage siren. This is being sold as Parts ONLY. Great as a movie prop or collectible. You can hear the tones fire up but no output from speaker wires. Could be a loose wire or the output amp. ( That’s why you don’t buy these at shows, I was told it was working) . I am taking a loss at this price. I am selling it as a prop or for your wall. Great for Movie car. You may even be able to get it working. FOR PARTS ONLY $ 59.95 stk sir 070619002 

Whelen 700 Series Mounting Flange

Whelen series 700 chrome mounting flange. This is brand new and comes with gasket. I am blowing them out for only $9.95 each while they last

Whelen 508 Series Mounting Flange

Whelen series  508 Chrome mounting flange . you get a pack of 2. These are out of production. only $9.95  for  both

Whelen M9 Series Mounting Flange

Whelen series  M9 Chrome mounting flange .  These fit the new  LED  lights. Brand new in package. I have 5 available $ 9.95 each

Federal Jetsonic Center Dome with Speaker

Federal Jetsonic JS A1black center dome with a Federal 100 watt speaker. This is loud as hell. Nice and clean only $ 149.95

Federal Jetsonic Gear Pod Assembly

Federal Jetsonic JS A-1 gear pod assembly with 2 revolving halogen reflectors. Replace your worn out ones while you can. Only $ 69.95 each I have 2 sets

Federal Jetsonic Bulb & Reflector package

Federal jetsonic JS A-1 Halogen bulbs and reflectors w mounts. These cover the alley lights and the wig wag ends or use as work lights. You get all 6 for $ 99.95

Federal Jetsonic Relay and Controller 

Federal Jetsonic JS A-1 controller and relay Came out of a fully functioning light. Sold as shown. You get what’s in picture $ 49.95

Federal Jetsonic  Replacement Motor

Federal Jetsonic JS A-1 Motor with the gears for the chain. Smooth running no lag or dead spots $ 79.95

Federal Jetsonic Drive Chains

Federal Jetsonic JS A-1 drive chains. You get both the long and short. Not stretched so it wont slip. No kinks. In great condition, $39.95 for both

Federal Jetsonic Mirror Assembly

Federal Jetsonic JS A-1 Internal mirrors. You get both sides $ 49.95 mint cond.

Federal Jetsonic Wiring Cable

Federal Jetsonic JS A-1 14 foot wiring cable. Has the little wire clips on bar end. $ 59.95 but the wire will work on any light bar. 

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